Data Architect - Defence

Job City:  Guildford
Professional Area:  Data Analysis and Management
Job Req ID:  104059

We are looking to hire an experienced data architect to join our Defence business, to work closely with one of our key clients.


Role Summary:

Defines and resolves complex data collection, data integration, data storage and data access challenges to place key insights in the hands of decision makers at all levels of the organisation. The Enterprise Data Architect specialises in helping clients with cross-cutting programmes where a holistic view of the organisation is important, but can also direct and shape particular solutions where the data aspects are a critical success factor.

The appropriate candidate will ideally have experience of working with engineering data on large data platforms across multiple applications.

Experience of using and extending Open Architecture Patterns would also be desirable

The candidate must have strong team leadership skills and be capable of engaging with a range of senior stakeholders, distilling the findings and requirements into actionable tasks; assigning said tasks to the teams in such a way which build towards the required deliverable. There is significant opportunity for growth within this role due to the complexity and breadth of the task; encompassing solution and integration architecture alongside the data architecture design.

This role will require you to have or be willing to go through Security Clearance at DV level.  


Role Accountabilities:
•    Understands where the need for tight data controls arises to ensure seamless data flows around the organisation and to minimise future change.
•    Models data requirements, data sources and data flows to bring order and structure to programmes of work.
•    Defines how and where data is created, mastered and destroyed to ensure proper control over the lifecycle of corporate data assets.
•    Understands how to add value to data – for example through data cleansing or analytics.
•    Understands categories of products (and individual examples) that can be used to collect, integrate, store, visualise and govern data and metadata.
•    Defines metadata to provide searchability and governance (including Records Management) for unstructured data
•    Sets standards for data analysis tools and techniques, advises on their application and ensures compliance.
•    Maintains and applies up to date, specialist knowledge of database concepts (including unstructured, NoSQL and ”big data” platforms), object and data modelling techniques.
•    Builds a detailed knowledge of the full range of database and data persistence architectures, software and facilities available (e.g. streams).
•    Takes account of industry specific requirements (e.g. geocoding, for geographic information systems).
•    Interprets conceptual models into appropriate physical structures within set policies.
•    Uses appropriate tools, including logical models of components and interfaces, to contribute to the development of systems architectures in specific business or functional areas. Produces detailed component specifications and translates these into detailed designs for implementation using selected products.
•    Provides advice on technical aspects of system development and integration (including requests for changes, deviations from specifications, etc.). Ensures that relevant technical strategies, policies, standards and practices are applied correctly, consulting with technical experts as required.
•    Understands data-related performance issues e.g. object/relational impedance, database optimisation, and implements different approaches for data warehousing, analytics and operational systems.
•    Understands data services, data security issues, “privacy by design” and Information Assurance principles.
•    Understands master data management patterns and can advise on the right choices for each client.
•    Defines metadata structures and population techniques that can be used with Enterprise Content Managment solutions in conjuction with organisational policies.
•    Works with minimal supervision on small to medium sized projects


Life at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence 


We are embracing Hybrid Working. This means you and your colleagues may be working in different locations, such as from home, another BAE Systems office or client site, some or all of the time, and work might be going on at different times of the day. By embracing technology, we can interact, collaborate and create together, even when we’re working remotely from one another. Hybrid Working allows for increased flexibility in when and where we work, helping us to balance our work and personal life more effectively, and enhance wellbeing.


Diversity and inclusion are integral to the success of BAE Systems Applied Intelligence. We are proud to have an organisational culture where employees with varying perspectives, skills, life experiences and backgrounds – the best and brightest minds – can work together to achieve excellence and realise individual and organisational potential. 


About BAE Systems Applied Intelligence


We use our intelligence-led insights to help defend Governments, Nations and Societies from cyber-attacks and financial crime. Our customers depend on our evolving capabilities to help them safely grow their organisations. Our unprecedented access to threat intelligence, world-leading analysts and market-leading technology means we can help them to adapt, evolve and stay ahead of the criminals.


Division overview: Capabilities


At BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, we pride ourselves in being a leader in the cyber defence industry, and Capabilities is the engine that keeps the business moving forward. It is the largest area of Applied Intelligence, containing our Engineering, Consulting and Project Management teams that design and implement the defence solutions and digital transformation projects that make us a globally recognised brand in both the public and private sector.


As a member of the Capabilities team, you will be creating and managing the solutions that earn us our place in an ever changing digital world. We all have a role to play in defending our clients, and this is yours. 


Job Title:  Data Architect - Defence

Job City:  Guildford
Professional Area:  Data Analysis and Management
Job Req ID:  104059